get started on your next project.

let's talk.

We look forward to getting to know you and your project.  We all have ideas in mind before we take action, so we feel that an initial “virtual coffee” is appropriate!  Let us know when is good for you.

what. is. next?


We want to get to know you, your team, and your vision for the project! Virtual or in person (preferably over coffee) works great. 

think tank

This is our teams favorite part of the process. We pump up some music in our office and dump out all of our ideas onto a whiteboard. Each team member presents their ideas, and we refine those before coming back to you.

form plan

We will come back to you and sit down to put together the formal plan, storyboard, and script to get the project started efficiently!

execute plan

This means it’s time to shoot! Let’s schedule a day (or multiple) to shoot all the footage we need. We then head to the editing floor.

deliver project

After a couple of rounds of edits, the shiny new project is yours for the taking! We know you’ll be happy with it… that’s what we are here for!