tell your story.

There is no greater way to show folks who you are than with a video. Whether that be an emotional story, a comprehensive background overview, or a dynamic commercial that gets people excited about your product/service… we want to help you tell it.

video is no longer the future.
it's the present.

grabs attention

As much as 62% of people agreed to being more interested in a product after seeing it in a Facebook Story. (Marketing Land)

increased engagement

Social media video generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. (G2 Crowd)

better understanding

95% of marketers say video has helped buyers better understand their products and services.  (Wyzowl)

video company in appalachia.

We firmly believe that there is no better person to tell the stories of the past, present, and future from inside Appalachia than a company based in its foothills. Too many people have come in from all over the world to tell Appalachia’s narrative, and sometimes they just flat out get it wrong. We want to tell the true stories of our region, from the inside out. 

How we do it


We want to get to know you, your team, and your vision for the project! Virtual or in person (preferably over coffee) works great. 

think tank

This is our teams favorite part of the process. We pump up some music in our office and dump out all of our ideas onto a whiteboard. Each team member presents their ideas, and we refine those before coming back to you.

form plan

We’ll come back to you and sit down to put together the formal plan, storyboard, and script to get the project started efficiently!

execute plan

This means it’s time to shoot! Let’s schedule a day (or multiple) to shoot all the footage we need. We then head to the editing floor.

deliver project

After a couple of rounds of edits, the shiny new project is yours for the taking! We know you’ll be happy with it… that’s what we are here for!

our process

It’s simple! 

…or is it? We will let you be the judge. Best way to figure it out? Work with us!

we like to have fun

We believe our team NEEDS creative freedom every once in a while to keep things fresh. The best way to do that is to have our own projects constantly working! Whether that be playing with some product video for some of our personal favorite brands, or a long term tourism effort like Explore Appalachia that gets us out of the office shooting adventure packed footage in Eastern Kentucky, we definitely have  a lot of fun doing it.